Thursday, 14 October 2010

Favourite item of clothing?

What is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?

I have many things in my wardrobe that I have worn again and again. Other things I have barely worn and others, I shamefully admit, still with their price tags on.

There are dresses that I can put on and instantly feel glamorous and there are others I put on and instantly feel cool and casual. I also have dresses that, no matter how I style them, I just regret buying. The pale blue lace tea dress from Primark - it just doesn't go with anything.

I have a little black dress I bought from New Look six years ago. A simple black dress in a fitting style with two spaghetti straps and two more crossing from the middle of the straight neckline meeting the other two spaghetti straps. It is one hell of a sexy neckline.

The dress is sexy, classic and can be updated easily, according to the current trend. Last year I teamed it with a sequinned cape, the year before that I wore it with a beret, lace gloves and pearls (I think I wanted to be Madonna that winter). This year I have teamed it with my pale pink lace cardigan with a vintage brass brooch and ankle boots.

My favourite accessory is a gold shawl from the 1970's, which I bought from a vintage website. The triangular shape means I can wear it thrown over my shoulders or tied round my neck, letting the tassles dangle across my dress or top. It just doesn't go out of style and goes with absolutely everything. It can make a daytime outfit turn into an night time outfit. Whenever I wear it I receive compliments from girls in the pub toilet queue and even guys are intrigued!

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