Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Mood Lifter

I feel like shouting from the roof tops tonight. Tonight I experienced something I've never experienced before. A mood lift that went from so low to high that I feel inspired to write to tell you all.

I have just got back from the gym.... It was somewhere I really didn't want to go tonight. I have been away on two very boozy weekends in a row and today I was on what they call 'a comedown'. Yesterday I was so tired I felt giddy and tipsy but today the over-indulgence hit me.

I know for sure that my willpower has over taken my mind and body because a year ago I would have  gone straight to bed in my mood. Instead I got home and put my gym kit on (that felt slightly tighter than normal over my bloated tummy - alcohol will do that) and just went for it.

I don't know if it was the need to get the toxins out of my body or the fact I felt guilty for my over-indulgence but I did my time on the rowing machine at my fastest I've done so far. I also moved the weights up a notch.

I left the gym smiling and feeling elated. I had arrived at the gym feeling lumpy, tired, angry, irritated, ugly... You get the idea. 

Now, believe me, a year ago I could never have even imagined myself sweating on a rowing machine but I have got to the stage where I feel confident amongst burly men doing weights. Although I don't grunt like them. 

What my point of this blog is... If you don't do much exercise, start to add a little to your day. Even if it's a half an hour walk round the park. Even when you're feeling rubbish just get up and do it. It's not 
just about making your body healthier but your mind too. I can't tell you how much clearer my mind is tonight and my body already feels less bloated and tired. 

A lot of people have recently asked how I've gotten down from a size 20 to (in some shops) a 12... Well, there is sadly no magic wand to make those extra tyres disappear or to stop your hand reaching for another chocolate.

It's willpower. If you want to do it, you will. And it's about balance too. I was eating a burger at 4am on Saturday morning in Dublin but I knew I would be back to my lighter food this week. Also, my one tip to end this blog is to cut out hidden sugars... Each morning I thought I was being healthy by eating granola with yoghurt and fruit. I may as well have been eating a bowl of sugar! I have a vegetable filled frittata or green juice smoothie first thing now... It keeps me going until lunchtime but if I feel peckish I snack on nuts.

I will be back with further healthy eating tips next time. 


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  2. Dammit, after a similarly boozy weekend I have been putting off the gym 'because I'm tired'. Its Wednesday now, and after reading this I suppose I had better get off my ass and go for a run. Thanks for the inspiration Lizzie :-) Ellie xxx

  3. Thanks Ellie :) Sorry I've only just seen this comment.

    Once you get going at the gym, you think why did I put it off? :)