Sunday, 28 June 2015

6 months on

I'm sorry to have been completely slack with my writing recently but I promise to get back to regular blogs. I've changed up my routine at the gym and really seeing the benefits. My body continues to change week by week thanks to my inspiring and supportive personal trainer, Anna. This week she has mixed up my programme and my body is reacting well! I do a mix of high intervenal training, circuits and weights. No walking on a treadmill for an hour for me.

What I like about incorporating exercise into my life is when I do sessions when I would normally be getting drunk in a pub or sleeping in. My last two personal training sessions have been on a Friday night and then 8am this morning (yep, it's a Sunday). It's refreshing and it takes your body by surprise. It certainly did this morning... But I feel amazing now and can enjoy a lay Sunday without feeling guilty.

I can't imagine not exercising now... Along with sculpting my body, losing fat and being generally healthier, it has also beat away bouts of anxiety I would get and I no longer worry about what I look like to other people. I used to spend hours of my life worrying about how I looked. Instead of spending energy worrying, spend it getting a sweat on. If I could only give one piece advice, that would be it.

I also understand my body better now, having to stare at it whilst looking hot and sweaty in a mirror whilst you work out will do that! I know what makes me feel good and what makes me feel like crap but I've also learnt not to be scared to indulge a little. It's the 80/20 balance.

I've met a few personal targets in the past row months, such as wearing a tight fitting lace dress to my friend's wedding and feeling good in it! In the week running up to the wedding I cut out cows milk and coffee and just drank hot water, lemon and ginger... I can't tell you the difference it made to me. No horrible sluggish feeling or bloat, which I would always get after just one coffee. It's different for everyone though, you just need to do a few tests and cut certain foods out to find out what doesn't suit your body.

I also have a green juice every morning... I moved away from fruit heavy smoothies that spiked my sugar levels. I have raw spinach, kale, cucumber, carrot and apple with almond milk, and add a spoonful of peanut butter for protein and a sprinkling of cinnamon or cayenne pepper. Try it, it sounds disgusting but just add a spice or lemon juice or ginger to sweeten it up naturally.

Over the next month I have another personal goal - wearing a bikini. It is something I have NEVER done. I tried one on on Friday and I actually felt good in it, I just want to tone my tummy some more over the next month to feel more confident. Pass me the hot water and lemon...

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