Tuesday, 11 March 2014

10 Things I Hate About Losing Weight

It's a year ago this month when I decided to take charge of my life... I'd been overweight since I could remember. Even at infant school I remember hearing the f-word. I guess I had a love for food and the more I enjoyed it, the bigger I got and the more criticism I received, so the more I ate to comfort my shattered emotions.

I never thought I had the will power to make a change to my lifestyle. I think I was at my biggest in my early 20s when I bought a size 22 dress. Even that didn't shock me into making changes. I guess I always over compensated my weight with my 'bubbly' character and nice clothes that would cover up what I was ashamed of underneath. I had big boobs too, you can go a long way with a pair of boobs.

The thing is I have always been lucky enough to be surrounded by friends and family who loved me for me, and they still do, I just have a smaller waist and, more importantly, a healthier future.

Later in my blogs I'll go into more detail about the ways I've made healthy changes (NOT A FADDY DIET) and how I've kept it up. I'll also reveal some yummy healthy recipes that will fill you up without giving you the dreaded bloat.

Over the past year as I've gradually dropped nearly four dress sizes, I've been aware of so many changes, not just in my body but life in general. Before I show off and go on about what I love about my weight loss, I thought I would reveal 10 things they don't tell you in diet books!

1. Your skin will loosen and head south... I know, gross. I'm now on the mission of toning myself and it's even harder than denying yourself toast in the morning.

2. Your boobs will shrink. I miss the fullness of my boobs, they are still a good handful, don't get me wrong but as my collarbone protrudes so does my d├ęcolletage lessen.

3. Some people will encourage you to go back to the dark side and cheer if you give in and have a chocolate, and when you declare what you've eaten and how good you've been, they'll roll their eyes. True story.

4. It makes you feel guilty. I've relaxed a bit now but in the early months I would feel so guilty for even looking at a cookie. I realised your relationship needs to be healthy so I do give in but in moderation!

Back when I was a bit more buxom!

5. Hangover food is a tough business. The other night I had a bowl of soup when I got in after one too many rather than a greasy takeaway... Now that's dedication! Good hangover cure too, by the way.

6. You become a bore. I'm sure I've bored friends and family with my nutritional advice as they bite into a sandwich. Sorry.

7. It's hard to constantly come up with healthy recipes. It's so easy to grab a sandwich rather than a pathetic looking salad for lunch. I'm lucky enough to work at the amazing Fazeley Studios with chefs who create protein filled salads for me each lunchtime!

8. You'll have to say goodbye to 'favourite' clothes. I've sold numerous size 18 dresses on eBay and many held treasured memories, and I have to say, always made me feel good.

9. You have to buy a whole new wardrobe (apart from the dresses I clinch in with a belt). Now don't get me wrong... If you know me, you know my favourite thing in the world, apart from Pinot Noir or  Malbec, is buying new dresses. It's been a long process of selling (and buying) on EBay, and I have to say not making as much money as I thought I would for new clothes.

10. Even your knee high boots don't fit anymore... Yep. I was walking to work one day and noticed my knee highs slowly gathering at the bottom until they were round my ankle. Not a good look.

So there you have it... I'll be back with the positives of the past year of losing half of myself.


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