Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Raw Chocoholic!

I have been on a quest for some time now to cut down on my sugar intake.

As we know, sugar is the enemy, and I believe the weight I gained when I was a young girl was mainly down to my sugar addiction.

So now I lead a relatively healthy life - going to the gym four times a week and eating well the majority of the time (we all need a cheat day) - I've also been thinking about the quality of the ingredients I eat and what goes into the food I freely put into my body.

My good friend Susan owns a wonderful shop Natural Healthy Food in Digbeth and she has educated me in the art of cutting out sugar and ridding of all the horrible toxins that come with a poor diet.
I'm a total chocoholic and this has been an issue for me when trying to cut down on sugar. However, in walks Susan and her delicious raw chocolate produce she knows I will just love.
I have just sampled this raw chocolate tart by Inspiral, and I have to say it's the most luxurious mousse made out of raw cacao and avocado with a wonderful crumb on the bottom made out of pecans, walnuts and dates with a splash of Himalayan salt for good measure. There is no sugar involved, just raw cacao and agave nectar syrup... A natural sweetener.
You may think raw chocolate sounds revolting but once you get a taste for it you won't go back, you just need to find your match!

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