Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hemlines rising, heels lowering

Even though as I look out of my window I can see a light trace of snow falling from the sky, I can't help but to think forward towards Spring and Summer - my favourite time of year!

Having spent the past four summers in constant sunshine in Portugal I am lucky enough to know when investing in a maxi-dresses and strappy sandals that I am guaranteed to wear them. Summers in the UK are harder to buy for, your maxi-dress will more than likely get a scrapping of mud and rain on the hem during the unpredictable English summer.

Well chuck out the maxi-dress (or keep it to the back of the wardrobe for the time being) because hemlines are getting shorter this summer. Skirts and dresses will be bottom skimming and the must-see item to be seen in on the city streets is the "hotpantaloon" - a bloomer of sorts for only the very brave and lithe.

Last summer we saw plenty of colour-blocking and vibrant colours, this summer it is more low-key - nudity with subtlety. Get ready to invest in some pretty underwear because it will be on show! Drapery is a key look and this goes hands in hands as your new pretty underwear will be covered in swathes of gorgeous sheer chiffon and lace.

The nudity look follows through into the colour spectrum next season. Subtle tones of nude, peach, greys and pale blues were awash across the catwalks and have already begun to filter through to the high street.

If you want to brighten up your summer wardrobe buy coloured check shirts and dresses.

Dresses will be a versatile must-have item for the summer, for the hottest look invest in a style with forgiving drapery for some added shape and interest.

The Jumpsuit hasn't gone away and is a still a fun and chic alternative to the dress, for the most up-to-date look go for strapless or an asymmetric single strap.

The trouser is tapered and loosely tailored preferably in silk for a laid-back but luxe look.

The belt next season is skinny and worn high on the waist to accentuate those curves.

The heel is getting lower this summer for a more low maintenance and relaxed look - the kitten heel is making a comeback along with the clog. For the hottest look go for a tribal and ethnic print to add an "African Queen" feel to your wardrobe.

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