Thursday, 18 February 2010

New York Fashion Week

Ohh how I wish to be in New York, my favourite city that is currently showcasing Autumn/Winter 2010 designers collections during the glamorous New York Fashion week.
I bring you a big of gossip and my favourite show... Victoria Beckham (!)

Marc Jacobs - it's all about the clothes
Marc Jacobs has banned celebrities from his front row - fantastic. Celebrities can be paid a ridiculous sum of money for just turning up to sit and pout on the front row of catwalk shows. A pap shot of Gywneth or Beyonce on a front row will more than likely appear in the tabloids guaranteeing publicity for the brand.

However, Marc Jacobs decided against the de-rigeur of front row of A-list stars after apparently branding the celebrity culture "boring".

Madonna apparently phoned Marc to say that she was on her way but the spectacular show wasn't even held for the Queen of Pop.

The show was a million miles away from last year's 80's revival and instead a more understated yet elegant tea-dresses and skirts ending below the knee were the order of the day. Maybe a little safe but totally wearable which in these days of economic crisis is pretty sensible.
Maybe Oscar De La Renta should have taken some advice from Marc Jacobs. His A - list guest, Jessica Biel, arrived late after dashing across New York which supposedly made his usually punctual show start late!
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckhams fourth collection was an eye-opener, a world away from Wag hot pants, ghetto sunglasses and blinged up jeans, her latest collection was a homage to the tailoring and glamour of the early 20th century. Even the critics were on her side.

Victoria's exclusive show was attended by 25 of the top buyers and fashion editors at a location in the chic Upper East Side and she greeted each of her guests. As the models, who were donned in huge sunglasses for that signature Beckham look, walked down the runway in the divine 25 dresses she discussed the fabrics, colours and textures of garment giving a unique fashion narration.

Dick Tracy comics were apparently the main inspiration and Audrey Hepburns Givenchy dresses from the 1950s also came to mind.

Victoria crossed over with two hot trends, with drapery and structure being intwined beautifully in the design of the dresses.

For a more casual look there was a wool crepe tunic dress that was beautifully cut on the bias making it feel more like an over-sized sweater.

I also loved the glamorous dressing-gown style dress in a subtely glamorous beige, you could imagine Marlene Dietrich wearing it reclining in a chair with a cigarette holder dangling from her hand.

Both neutral tones and rich shades of red and striking turquoise were used along with the ever faithful black.

I think it was such a success as Victoria had obviously designed dresses she would wear her self making them realistically wearable for women.

I'm a fan!

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