Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wedding Belles

I have had the great honour of being invited to my friend Eloises wedding in sunny Portugal in June. Knowing how wonderfully warm it is in June in the Algarve I know I won't have to worry about a soggy dress hem or having to buy an umbrella that will match my outfit.

The invitation has stated that "hats are encouraged" so I will also be on the hunt for a hat. I think the times of wearing hats to weddings has long gone, people just aren't as formal anymore.
The shops are already filled with gorgeous dresses in stunning bright colour or the on-trend nude tones. If I was attending a wedding in England I may have gone down the nude (colour that is) route but for a wedding on the beautiful coastline of the Algarve I think the only way to go is brights!

I love the 70's look, a patterned maxi-dress with a wide-brimmed floppy hat with gorgeous wedged sandals and an elegant throw would look glamorous yet comfortable for the Algarve heat. Although with maxi-dresses I would have to go for a print rather than a block colour or it will look like I had been hampering to be a bridesmaid - not a good look.
I love the draping look that is on-trend this season. It is a nod to the romantic grecian trend and looks fantastic in bright colours. Also it will cover any lumps and bumps after enjoying the food and wine at the reception.

A more fitted look in sexy satin is also another style that would fit the bill - in gorgeous turquoise or a tribal print. This may be the least comfortable as with the hot weather satin may not be the most forgiving or cooling material to wear.

As for hats I am a little bored of fasinators, a little bit over-done for my liking. I love the forties style hats, small and round perched on the side of the head framing the face.

Well the hunt is on and I will keep you updated!

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