Saturday, 6 February 2010

Style Icons

So who are your style icons?

I recently wrote an article about Style Icons - I picked five women who I personally believe fall into this category. Women who may not always be "the best dressed" but created eternal iconic looks that stood the test of time. They weren't fashion clothes horses (wearing designer looks head to toe that have come straight off the catwalk - yes I am looking at you Victoria Beckham) but had their own personal style that has had a significant impact on the fashion world.

Princess Diana - she picked her outfits perfectly for every occasion and always looked immaculate knowing she was the most photographed woman in the world.

After her divorce from Charles she started to champion her personal favourite international designers including Versace.

Who could forget the stunning black chiffon she wore after Charles' interview about his affair with Camilla? All eyes and thoughts were on Diana...

Katharine Hepburn - the woman who championed the trouser and went against the studio-system etiquette and was the first actress to wear the once male-only garment on screen. Her look is still reinvented in today's modern world; the high-waisted, wide leg trouser teamed with feminine blouses. Katharine for me was iconic because she went against the norm and found her own look which she was loyal to.

Audrey Hepburn - how could I not? Yes it is predictable to put her on the list but she was undeniably iconic. Loved by men but maybe women more so, she championed fashion for the flat-chested woman when the screen was filled with buxom voluptuous blonde vamps.

Her long-standing relationship with Givenchy always ensured she was chic and glamorous on-screen and helped make the Little Black Dress the classic it is today.

Audrey's debut in a Roman Holiday not only debuted her talent at acting but also her talent in showcasing how versatile a simple full skirt and white blouse can be.

Madonna - the eternal reinventor who has kept her fans and peers hooked on what she will do next. Predictable she ain't!

The Queen of Pop is often in the dreadful "worst dressed list" for her often daring style choices but I love that she veers away from boring and safe options.

Madonna has done it all from dominatrix to librarian, to hippy chick to cow girl. You could not define her with one iconic look and I think that makes her even more iconic.

Sarah Jessica Parker - loved by women and often hated by men, they just don't get our Manhattan Goddess and her eccentric fashion choices.

SJP has had a huge impact on how women dress, what other TV show has there been that has been watched as much for the fashion as for the story lines?

It has, of course, alot to do with uber stylist Patricia Field and for some SJP is just the clothes horse. But come on! It takes a stylish woman to carry off a tu-tu in a busy New York avenue, an enormous corsage on a skin-tight white dress and a ball gown for a meal with an ex.

SJP's fashion credentials away from the SATC has proven she isn't a one trick pony. She has just been announced as creative director for Halston, the iconic fashion house of the 1970's that is coming back to the fore-front in the industry.

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